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Women's Slippers


Indulge in the comfort of supersoft slippers for your lounging hours. Our stylish range features snuggly fur styles, mules and ballerinas which can be paired with relaxed nightwear for the perfect unwinding time. Cosy and cute, explore luxurious slipper boots in an array of colours.

Mushroom Velvet Plait Slider Slippers (6999Z4) | KRW17,900
Grey Recycled Faux Fur Cork Crossover Slippers (T14747) | KRW32,800
Reiss Taupe Farrah Wool Sliders (D81089) | KRW210,200
Grey Heart Mule Slippers (C80869) | KRW20,900
Grey Velour Ballet Slippers (D02010) | KRW17,900
Khaki Green Quilted Mule Slippers With Elastic Support (T85511) | KRW32,800
Grey Linen Bow Slider Slippers (D02014) | KRW17,900
Pink Corduroy Faux Fur Lined Moccasin Slippers (U81798) | KRW35,800
Blue Corduroy Faux Fur Lined Moccasin Slippers (C50311) | KRW35,800
Camel Brown Faux Fur Slider Slippers (D02011) | KRW20,900
Grey Next Faux Fur Cosy Mule Slippers (U14752) | KRW17,900
Pink Animal Faux Fur Ballet Slippers (U99644) | KRW29,900