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Spruce your interior with gorgeous greenery and pretty florals. Explore real and artificial plants and flowers that enhance your colour scheme and create the mood all year round. Choose from silky floral arrangements in contemporary glassware and ceramic vases to juicy looking succulents and cheese plants that deserve a double-take. Create your own arrangements and bouquets with artificial dried flowers, pampas and palms. Choose from smaller house plants that are ideal for desks and windows or go big with indoor potted yuccas and eucalyptus trees.

Set of 3 Green Artificial Eucalyptus Stems (650295) | KRW54,300
White Artificial Vibernum Plant In Country Pot (C21329) | KRW73,700
Green Artificial Trailing Fern (B4C387) | KRW54,300
Bronx Bronx Artificial Bonsai Tree Plant In Wooden Pot (A90061) | KRW48,500
Green Artificial Bamboo Tree Plant In Concrete Pot (T90155) | KRW116,400
White Artificial Real Touch Orchid in Geo Pot (BTR954) | KRW62,100
White Artificial Blossom in Gold Vase (BW0255) | KRW87,300
Green Artificial Bronx Trailing Plant (D48502) | KRW42,700
Green Artificial Cheese Plant in Rattan Planter With Legs (U85011) | KRW223,200
Set of 3 Green Artificial Bronx Succulents (D48489) | KRW40,800
Black Bronx Wall Planter With Artificial Plants (M62812) | KRW87,300
Cream Artificial Hydrangea Bouquet In Natural Pot (C73288) | KRW81,500