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It's warm, it's classy and a look that instantly refreshes your room – rugs, runners and doormats are a stylish way of updating your home. Whether it’s florals you're after or plain colourways, find the perfect design in our collection. From colour popping doormats to abstract runners and oriental rugs, a wide variety awaits. Create your cosy corner in the living room with a shimmery rug or put one at your bed side for a snuggly addition.

Red Washable Santa Christmas Runner (101375) | KRW44,800 - KRW67,200
Red Morcott Check Doormat (U23447) | KRW29,900
Natural Woven Jute Runner (853409) | KRW97,000 - KRW126,900
Grey Washable Geo Runner (149877) | KRW32,800
White Rug Grip (806774) | KRW23,900 - KRW74,600
Grey Washable Runner (960310) | KRW29,900
Red/Cream Morcott Check Runner (368469) | KRW126,900 - KRW156,800
Black Patio Geo Rubber Doormat (M97011) | KRW47,800
Cream Arctic Cosy Faux Fur Rug (190384) | KRW59,700 - KRW253,800
Blue Bloom Welcome Doormat (T11594) | KRW23,900
Silver Set Of 2 Non Slip Step Mats (672137) | KRW32,800
Orange Washable Autumn Leaves Runner (M96972) | KRW44,800 - KRW67,200