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Accentuate a bedside table or a mantle piece with beautiful vases and photo frames from Next. Whether it's a tall vase for a corner or a set for the kitchen counter, our wide collection will have you spoilt for choice. With bold colours in ceramic to subtle shades in glass and metal, the large and small styles will refresh your room.

White Tile Embossed Large Ceramic Vase (176915) | KRW50,800
Grey Fresh Blooms Ceramic Jug (221468) | KRW29,900
Natural Ribbed Reactive Organic Ceramic Flower Vase (D33253) | KRW50,800
White Silhouette Small Ceramic Vase (216789) | KRW14,900
White Pleated Ceramic Flower Vase (941383) | KRW134,400
LSA International Silver Tier Lantern Vase H135cm (192092) | KRW73,900
Silver Extra Large Metal Vase (A15030) | KRW147,800
White/Gold White and Gold Glass Confetti Flower Vase (D51807) | KRW38,800
Copper Extra Large Metal Etched Vase (C45554) | KRW134,400
Brown Hamish The Highland Cow Flower Vase (U56757) | KRW35,800
Hamish Swing Vase (U14139) | KRW53,700
White Tile Embossed Medium Ceramic Vase (741909) | KRW29,900