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Boys Suits & Waistcoats


Have your little man dressed in our boys' suits, making him the most handsome one around. Perfect for special occasions, find smart wedding and page boy suits paired with formal shoes. In classic checks, navy and grey suits and jackets, style his look, as well as baby boys suits, for a charming attire.

Grey Skinny Fit Suit: Jacket (12mths-16yrs) (969661) | CA$90 - CA$112
Navy Blue Waistcoat, Shirt & Bowtie Set (3mths-7yrs) (M32378) | CA$85 - CA$96
Grey Skinny Fit Suit Trousers (12mths-16yrs) (681823) | CA$40 - CA$61
Blue Check Waistcoat, Blue Shirt & Tie Set Waistcoat (12mths-16yrs) (A18319) | CA$85 - CA$109
Navy Blue Skinny Fit Suit: Jacket (12mths-16yrs) (576981) | CA$90 - CA$112
Navy Blue Skinny Fit Navy Blue Check Suit Jacket (12mths-16yrs) (546804) | CA$122 - CA$154
Blue Linen Blend Blazer, Shirt, Shorts And Bow Tie Set (3mths-9yrs) (U49599) | CA$104 - CA$120
Grey Waistcoat, White Shirt & Tie Set Waistcoat (12mths-16yrs) (A18314) | CA$80 - CA$104
Blue Check Waistcoat, Bow Tie & Shirt Set (3mths-7yrs) (T48421) | CA$74 - CA$85
Brown Check Waistcoat, Shirt And Bow Tie Set (3mths-7yrs) (U03515) | CA$74 - CA$85
Bright Blue Suit Jacket (3-16yrs) (T97332) | CA$117 - CA$133