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Converse Sportswear



Converse makes sneakers and clothes for individuals everywhere who live creatively, optimistically and rebelliously. Since 1908 and until-who-knows-when, in a club, studio or anywhere else. We exist to provoke, inspire and go along with them - whether that's on a court, the green or the concrete.

Converse Platform Lift Chuck OX Trainers (183333) | CA$190
Converse Leather Chuck Ox 2V Infant Trainers (916706) | CA$101
Converse Lift Platform High Top Trainers (955402) | CA$204
Converse White Leather Chuck Ox Trainers (611292) | CA$177
Converse Pro Blaze Junior Trainers (T82556) | CA$122
Converse Infant Black Socks 3 Pack (D46485) | CA$35
Converse White Move Youth Trainers (A79263) | CA$136
Converse Platform Lift Chuck Taylor Leather High Trainers (985788) | CA$231
Converse Chuck Taylor 2V Infant Trainers (903061) | CA$87
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Pram Shoes (606004) | CA$82
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform High Top Trainers (767396) | CA$217
Converse Cosy Fleece Lined Leather White High Top Trainers (M91356) | CA$204