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Womens Sports

Complete your look. Tie your outfit together with our men's belts and braces collection. Whether you want a belt to complement your casual collection and workwear, or maybe a pair of braces that balance both style and function. Our Signature collection uses real Italian leather for a premium touch, perfect for formal occasions.

Black Casual Leather Belt (427121) | CA$42
Black Weave Leather Belt (Q70928) | CA$42
Navy Blue / Khaki Canvas Reversible Belt (Q78060) | CA$25
Black Herringbone Wide Braces (150570) | CA$29
Tan Brown Leather Belt (771671) | CA$31
Brown Leather Belt (307373) | CA$31
Brown Signature Formal Belt (509900) | CA$52
Black Signature Belt (N39728) | CA$52
Tan Brown Formal Leather Belt (Q78047) | CA$33
Black Ashby & Brant Belt Hanger (531268) | CA$25
Stone Neutral Canvas Belt (Q78031) | CA$25
Black Casual Leather Belt (N40436) | CA$31