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Boys Coats & Jackets


As the elements shift, ensure he's well-equipped with our versatile collection of boys' coats and jackets. Embrace the practicality of raincoats and waterproofs for those unpredictable showers, while our selection of warm coats promises to shield him from the chill. Whether it's the allure of vibrant prints or timeless colourways, each piece is thoughtfully designed for both style and function. The season also welcomes contemporary twists on classic styles, ensuring he's always ready to face the day, no matter the forecast. With our curated range, his comfort and style stride hand in hand, season after season.

Grey Black 3 Piece Jersey Check Bomber and Jogger Set (3mths-7yrs) (D78925) | CA$74 - CA$85
Tan Brown Letterman Jacket (3mths-7yrs) (T75595) | CA$42 - CA$48
Denim Hooded Bomber Jacket (3mths-10yrs) (N05724) | CA$64 - CA$74
Black Quilted Gilet (3mths-10yrs) (N39026) | CA$48 - CA$58
Blue Waterproof Coat (3mths-7yrs) (D69220) | CA$69 - CA$80
Sage Green Quilted Gilet (3mths-10yrs) (N39034) | CA$48 - CA$58
Monochrome Baby Jacket, T-Shirt And Joggers 3 Piece Set (N31120) | CA$58 - CA$64
Neutral Blazer, Shirt, Trousers & Bow Tie Set (3mths-9yrs) (485414) | CA$146 - CA$167
Black Quilted Midweight Hooded Jacket (3-17yrs) (T80720) | CA$53 - CA$80
Black Quilted Jacket (3mths-7yrs) (D69224) | CA$69 - CA$80
Pale Blue Linen Blend Blazer T-Shirt and Shorts Set (3mths-9yrs) (581326) | CA$90 - CA$106
Blue Denim Jacket (3mths-10yrs) (N05738) | CA$64 - CA$74