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Monsoon Clothing


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From the first ever Monsoon boutique opening in London, today we know the brand for beautifully made outfits for a special occasion, as well as delightful accessories. Be inspired by this season's Monsoon dresses for women and girls, with coordinating pieces.

Monsoon Green Lyra Embroidered Midi Dress (673999) | CA$499
Monsoon Purple Darcy Sequin Gathered Dress (B41009) | CA$128 - CA$140
Monsoon Natural Jasmine Organza Flower Dress (N73318) | CA$171 - CA$200
Monsoon Blue Neela Embroidered Tea Dress (B61823) | CA$457
Monsoon Natural Colourblock Ribbed Sweater (B05928) | CA$66 - CA$77
Monsoon Green Sula Supersoft Cardigan (B40222) | CA$168
Monsoon Blue Louisa Frill Denim Jacket (N73194) | CA$168
Monsoon White Duchess Eleanor Twill Dress (421915) | CA$171 - CA$200
Monsoon Blue Truth Embroidered Dress (E05378) | CA$131 - CA$143
Monsoon Natural MINI ME Border Kaftan Dress (E05393) | CA$86 - CA$97
Monsoon Blue Sea Creatures Two-Piece Sunsafe Suit (N27409) | CA$63 - CA$74
Monsoon Blue Loretta Batik Print Shirt (B78908) | CA$140