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Lipsy Girls

Lipsy Girl offers the perfect look that she will LOVE, from baby to teen, find the most beautiful dresses fit for a special occasion or casual day items for weekend chilling. When it comes to nightwear she'll be the best dressed at any sleepover. Whatever the occasion you'll find everything she needs here!

Lipsy Pink Embellished Strap Midi Occasion Dress (K69263) | R878 - R1,061
Lipsy Sage Green Floral Pleated Chiffon Occasion Dress (K57715) | R860 - R1,006
Lipsy Gold Sequin Party Shift Dress (P84606) | R805 - R951
Lipsy Navy Blue Occasion Bolero Cardigan (Q40774) | R311 - R457
Lipsy Black Lace Yoke Long Sleeve Knitted Dress (Q39273) | R732 - R878
Lipsy Natural Brown Suedette Dress (5-16yrs) (K72007) | R677 - R823
Lipsy Black Lace Front Tie Short Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit (K47063) | R512 - R659
Lipsy Berry Red Embellished Strap Midi Occasion Dress (K09379) | R915 - R1,061
Lipsy Pink Twist Neck Halter Hi Low Dress (Q41400) | R695 - R842
Lipsy Black Lace Yoke Jumpsuit (P86973) | R585 - R732
Lipsy Light Blue Strap Maxi Pearl Occasion Dress (7-16yrs) (K61922) | R951 - R1,098
Lipsy Black Lightweight Rain Mac (3yrs-16yrs) (Q42928) | R842 - R988