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Women's Hosiery & Socks


Refresh your essentials with our fantastic selection of hosiery and socks. Our socks are available in ankle and knee-high designs, as well as invisible trainer socks that are easily coordinated with your sportswear. Our tights are available in a variety of shades and Denier options, including nude and natural tan tights. We also have a great selection from major brands such as adidas, Nike and Pour Moi, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Black Basic Opaque 80 Denier Tights Five Pack (377463) | R301
adidas Adult Black Crew Socks Six Pack (608032) | R392
Bright Ribbed Ankle Socks 5 Pack (T34170) | R200
Nude Ladder Resist Lace Top Hold-Ups (378402) | R134
White Cushion Sole Trainer Socks 4 Pack (T68837) | R167
Black Basic Opaque 60 Denier Tights Five Pack (999495) | R267
Black 40 Denier Opaque Tights Three Pack (387840) | R134
Nude Bum/Tum/Thigh Matt Shaping Tights (562875) | R167
Black Animal Print Footbed Ankle Socks Five Pack (587669) | R167
adidas Adult White Crew Socks Six Pack (574099) | R353 - R392
adidas Adult Black Low Trainer Socks 3 Pack (578953) | R196
Black Invisible Trainer Socks Five Pack (985853) | R167