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With our latest selection of men’s loafers, it’s easy to add an edge to your look. This staple footwear range includes smart suede and tassel styles, with black shoes lending a classic look with trousers. Pair chinos with casual loafers in blue, or finish with timeless leather for sophisticated work attire.

Reiss Chocolate Windsor Suede Tassel Loafers (D67729) | R3 883
Black Leather Penny Loafers (A37999) | R865
Tan Brown Leather Penny Loafers (T07228) | R865
Brown Suede Penny Loafers (M49973) | R818
Brown Leather Penny Loafers (C60523) | R865
Navy Blue Suede Penny Loafers (T66521) | R786 - R818
Neutral Tassel Loafers (C23524) | R629
Tan Brown Woven Embossed Tassel Loafers (T33798) | R865
Black Snaffle Penny Loafers (T21981) | R865
Black Tassel Loafers (M13759) | R629
Black Leather Panel Slip-On Shoes (690254) | R629
Navy Blue Weave Loafers (A82601) | R629