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Men's Suits


Discover a range of high quality, on-trend men’s suits that are perfect for the office, as well as formal events such as weddings, proms and special occasions. Ranging from black, grey and navy suits that are ideal for work, to 3-piece wedding suits and tuxedos, our collection ensures that you can dress to impress. Pair with our range of quality shirts and ties, and add a waistcoat and formal shoes for sartorial elegance.

Navy Blue Slim Fit Two Button Suit: Jacket (811264) | €61
Navy Blue Slim Fit Check Suit: Jacket (210970) | €91
Black Slim Fit Suit: Trousers (959277) | €36
Blue Double Breasted Slim Fit Check Suit: Jacket (872952) | €91
Blue Skinny Fit Check Suit: Jacket (580608) | €91
Navy Blue Slim Fit Trimmed Check Suit: Jacket (497739) | €91
Grey Check Slim Fit Suit: Jacket (A13709) | €81
Joules Suit: Slim Fit Trousers (680315) | €102