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Home Ornaments

Add something striking to your home decor with our range of ornaments. Dress a side table with animals, sculptures and figurines, or add a feature to your hallway with a coordinating vase for a fresh mantlepiece finish. Our alphabet designs exude a quirky feel, whilst ceramic and chrome display contemporary elegance. As well as for a rustic feel, browse wooden sculptures for a touch of character to your space.

Natural Rosie the Rabbit Fairy Door Ornament (6H6275) | $24
Multi Starfish Ornament (N62782) | $29
Natural Bertie Bear Bathroom Ornament (C79150) | $13
Multi Spring Houses Ornament (N38567) | $23
Blue Coastal Harbour Scene Ornament (N40994) | $29
Set of 2 Natural Morris and Maureen Chicken Ornaments (N38559) | $46
Set of 2 Cooking Chef Bertie Bear and Rosie Rabbit Cooking Ornaments (U95964) | $20
Blue Seaside Lighthouse Tealight Holder (919637) | $23
Black Bronx Noughts and Crosses Game (D70398) | $57
Black Ceramic Knight Chess Piece Ornament (N38541) | $52
Set of 3 Black/Gold Arches Ornament (D52004) | $26
Black Silhouette Sculpture (D56511) | $29