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Want the hottest trends right now? Lipsy has all the styles you need to look and feel your best. Whether you’re looking for an everyday casual look, the latest celeb inspired outfit, the most glamorous evening attire or the hottest trends straight off the catwalk, Lipsy is the go to for any occasion.

Lipsy Camel Regular Printed Shirt (R40883) | $67
Lipsy Pink Baby 2 Pack Sleepsuit and Headbands (Q02883) | $60
Lipsy Pink Velour Logo Hoodie (R04840) | $32 - $39
Lipsy Black Regular High Waist Leggings (L82927) | $25
Lipsy Multi Regular Military Tailored Button Blazer (P44240) | $119
Lipsy Black Regular High Waist Leather Look Leggings (L76873) | $39
Lipsy Berry Red Velour Logo Jogger (R94317) | $25 - $32
Lipsy Black Black Long Sleeve Cornelli Embroidered Midi Dress (P51854) | $134
Lipsy Green Embellished Strap Top (P56145) | $42
Lipsy Authentic Blue Regular High Rise Mom Kira Jean (P27955) | $69
Lipsy Black Black Embroidered Sequin Long Sleeve Skater Dress (P51913) | $146
Lipsy Rose Regular Cable Cardigan (R70424) | $69
Lipsy Multi Ruffle Trim Shirt Dress (P47953) | $78
Lipsy Black Regular Logo T-Shirt (R46777) | $32
Lipsy Dogtooth Regular Tie Waist Shirt Dress (Q04213) | $78
Lipsy Green Animal Regular Maxi Shirt Dress (P59171) | $83
Lipsy Black Ruffle Mesh Midi Dress (P35234) | $121
Lipsy Black Embellished Knit Skater Dress (P51624) | $100
Lipsy Black Regular Halter Ruffle Midi Dress (P59181) | $100
Lipsy Grey 2 in 1 Curve Hem Skater Dress (P59235) | $72
Lipsy Red 2 in1 Boucle Curve Hem Skater Dress (P68350) | $72
Lipsy Green Curve Hem Skater Dress (P52024) | $60
Lipsy Black Sequin Halter Jumpsuit (R52919) | $146
Lipsy Black Scallop Knit Jumper (P51619) | $60