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At the Beginning there were only twelve of them, today there are millions of everyday adventurers getting outside and having fun in comfortable clothing. So whether it's a waterproof coat or a festival kit, Regatta is there for every adventure.

Regatta Blue Sakari Tummy Control Swimsuit (T61199) | $76
Regatta Blue Toploft Insulated Baffle Jacket (A77336) | $149
Regatta Blue Peppa Pig Beach Bag (C59845) | $59
Regatta Blue Peppa Pig Rash Suit Set (U63254) | $59
Regatta Yewbank Waterproof Jacket (A54451) | $265
Regatta Kids Pack It Waterproof & Breathable Puddle Jacket (640468) | $38
Regatta Blue Lady Fairweather Cosy Wellies (A54090) | $90
Regatta Purple Westshore Junior Sandals (A91114) | $76
Regatta Grey Peppa Pig Zip Through Hoodie (C53242) | $66
Regatta Black Lexis Waterproof Jacket (598039) | $198
Regatta Pink Sakari Tummy Control Swimsuit (U13194) | $76
Regatta Blue Peppa Pig Hood Beach Towel (C92756) | $66