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Fat Face

It's always been our sense of adventure, fun and spontaneity that make us who and what we are. We're more than just ordinary. And so are our clothes. We started selling tees from a campervan, and proudly grew into a brand that designs modern, stylish clothes for all the family. We're FatFace. More than just ordinary, since 1988.

FatFace Blue All Over Flower Print Hoodie (D61477) | CHF 37
FatFace Yellow Bunny Zip Through Hoodie (D61478) | CHF 40
FatFace Red Land Rover Sweatshirt (D61450) | CHF 31
FatFace Blue Solid Leggings 3 Pack (C32615) | CHF 37
FatFace Blue Striped Fleece Sweatshirt (D61457) | CHF 46
FatFace Purple Delphine Vine Jersey Dress (TMU513) | CHF 87
FatFace Red Frome Relaxed Check Shirt (D57537) | CHF 76
FatFace Green Claudia Devore Dress (TNY762) | CHF 131
FatFace Blue Sussex Four Pocket Jacket (C15283) | CHF 153
FatFace Blue Embroidered Straight Leg Joggers (D61440) | CHF 25
FatFace Blue Cody Cargo Joggers (U99364) | CHF 25
FatFace Girls Deer Character Welly (T97162) | CHF 36