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Men's Sandals


Whether it’s a stroll or a relaxed day at the beach, a pair of sandals is a must-have. Stylish and comfortable, our sliders and flip flops sport a classic casual look. With comfy flip-flops from the likes of Hawainas and Superdry, and leather sliders, step into the holiday season, along with stylish men's swim shorts.

adidas Originals Adilette Lite Sliders (423131) | BGN 72
Polo Ralph Lauren Tan Brown Vintage Bolt Leather Logo Flip Flops (M70266) | BGN 139
Black Leather Flip Flops (M73917) | BGN 88
adidas Adilette Aqua Sliders (602887) | BGN 52
Emporio Armani Eagle Logo Sliders (M44900) | BGN 109
adidas Adilette Aqua Sliders (344036) | BGN 52
Nike Victori One Sliders (A68520) | BGN 86
adidas Originals Adilette Sliders (302432) | BGN 86
Nike Victori One-Black Sliders (T25235) | BGN 86
Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Logo Sliders (M70271) | BGN 126
Superdry Blue Code Core Pool Sliders (T66877) | BGN 56
Tommy Hilfiger Red Striped Hilfiger Pool Slides (C76228) | BGN 126