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Make your working from home set up work for you. Browse our collection of desks, from corner desks that perfectly slot away, space-saving swivel desks to a contemporary ladder desk; accompanied by a comfortable office chair. Keep your office tidy with handy hideaways like wicker baskets, desk organisers and shelving. Shed some light on your work with clever lighting from desk lamps to floor lights and add personal touches like fun stationery, calendars and wall art to create a space you want to work in.

Extra Large Barnaby Bear Wall Shelves (828160) | BGN235
Harper Gem Storage Shelves (573948) | BGN248
100 Piece Christmas Character Sticker Gift Tags (M94047) | BGN10
Bronx Storage Trolley (360448) | BGN222
Plastic Wicker Storage (353668) | BGN63
Bertie The Bear Phone Holder (440796) | BGN26
Set Of 8 Christmas Stamper Gift Tags Set (T62368) | BGN18
Contemporary Wood And Metal Wall Shelves (M77863) | BGN183
Barnaby Bear Over Door Hooks (407224) | BGN21
Christmas Make Your Own Pom Pom Wreath (U20216) | BGN13
Plastic Wicker Storage Slimline Box (U02949) | BGN73
Dylan The Dinosaur Kids Storage Basket (M26168) | BGN99