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All power to power dressing. Trouser suits are making a comeback and we all agree that there's no other style that nails the girl boss feeling in quite the same way. Take a tailored trouser and pair it with a matching waistcoat layered under a wool coat for ultimate trending appeal. Grey, navy and black tones offer enough versatility to separate away from their respective coord and dress up or down with a slender heel or boxfresh trainer. Our smart tailoring collection will take you from office to afterhours in a heartbeat.

Black - Relaxed Ruched Sleeve Blazer (T60002) | KRW93,200
Berry Red - Lipsy Cropped Collarless Blazer Jacket (K69394) | KRW67,900
Black - Shapewear Bootcut Trousers (561998) | KRW66,000
Navy Blue - Tailored Single Breasted Jacket (U57878) | KRW100,900
Navy Blue - Tailored Stretch Slim Trousers (D44794) | KRW42,700
Black - Tailored Elasticated Waist Wide Leg Trousers (D83004) | KRW69,900
Neutral - Reiss Dylan Flared High Rise Trousers (173428) | KRW310,500
Khaki Green - Relaxed Ruched Sleeve Blazer (U11998) | KRW93,200
Blue - Relaxed Ruched Sleeve Blazer (U11997) | KRW93,200
Navy Blue - Tailored Bootcut Trousers (U57879) | KRW54,300
Navy Blue - Slim Tailored Trousers (U57880) | KRW54,300
Blush Pink - Relaxed Soft Crépe Blazer (U85461) | KRW81,500 - KRW93,200