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Lipsy Pale Pink Curve Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt And Trousers Pyjamas (K68739) | INR 3,925
Lipsy Green Curve Ruched Asymmetrical Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress (K72276) | INR 7,246
Lipsy Black/White Curve Placement Printed Long Sleeve Shift Mini Dress (K65918) | INR 6,541
Lipsy Black Curve Maxi Skirt With Touch Of Linen (K86598) | INR 3,522
Lipsy Black/White Palm Chiffon Printed Tie Kimono (K70842) | INR 4,428
Lipsy Black Curve High Waist Wide Leg Tailored Trousers (K70707) | INR 3,220
Lipsy Navy Blue Curve Jersey Henley Short Sleeve Pyjamas (K29145) | INR 3,422
Lipsy Green Curve Collared Button Through Diamante Shirt (664485) | INR 4,227
Lipsy Black Curve Scallop Detail Crew Neck Button Through Cardigan (K68644) | INR 3,019
Lipsy Black Curve Long Sleeve Round Neck Tie Waist Shift Dress (Q11559) | INR 3,925
Lipsy Camel Curve Short Sleeve Round Neck Tie Waist Shift Dress (N97676) | INR 4,026
Lipsy Black Curve Tailored Tapered Smart Trousers (K86621) | INR 3,623