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How to Measure

Clothing Sizes

Utilise this Lipsy clothing size chart and ensure that you get the right fit in all of your purchases this season.

Shoe Sizes

All of your new Lipsy shoes fit to perfection when using this brilliant Lipsy shoe size chart.

Lipsy Shoe Size Guide

Swimwear Sizes

Perfect fits for all of your Lipsy swimwear is easily achieved using this fantastic size guide.

Lipsy Swimwear Size Guide

Underwear Sizes

Make certain that all of the Lipsy underwear purchased by you this season is the perfect fit by using this underwear size chart.

Lipsy Underwear Size Guide

Bra Sizing - Underband / Bra Sizes

Bra Size Guide

Bra Sizes

Bra Size Guide

Bra Sizing - Band Sizes

Bra Size Guide

Bra Sizing - Cup Sizes

Bra Size Guide