How Do I Apply To Be Forgotten?

The right to be forgotten cannot apply where there is a reason why we would need to continue to retain or process your personal information; however, if you meet the following criteria we will remove your personally identifiable information from our operational databases:

  1. Payments for any outstanding balances and/or orders should be made and cleared
  2. There must be no orders waiting to be or in the process of being dispatched

Please be aware that if we forget you, this will not remove any credit searches or updates which may have been made to your credit file, as these are maintained by third party credit reference agencies; however, we will inform the credit reference agencies the account has been closed.

If you would still like to be forgotten, we just need you to complete the request form, which you can print now by clicking here or by getting in touch with our Customer Service team on 024 012 510* who can send the form to you. Once we receive your request, we will assess whether we are able to forget you fully or remove your personal information from our operational databases.

Clearing any outstanding balances can be done at any time; we do not require a request to be forgotten first; however, it may take longer to forget you if we are waiting for any payments to be received. Your account will also be closed as part of the right to be forgotten process.

You can send your request by post to:

You can post this form to us at:

Next Retail Ltd
Gedding Road

Or you can email the form to:

Once we’ve received the completed form, we will contact you within 30 days to let you know the outcome of our assessment and confirm what action we will take next.

*For call charges please contact your service provider