How Will You Remove My Personal Information?

The process for removing your personal information will be to remove it from our operational databases and place one copy in a secure location. Access to your personal information is controlled and limited to our Data Protection Officer, which can be held for a maximum of 6 years after the account was closed, after which time it will be permanently deleted from all of our records.

Placing your personal information in a secure location will prevent us being able to recognise who you are and stop us using or processing your personal information in the future; however, we will still be able to contact you in the event there is a legal requirement to do so e.g. an item you have ordered from us has been recalled due to health and safety concerns or you wish to contact us with a query or complaint.

Before we can put your personal information into a secure location, all outstanding balances must be cleared, all orders must have been fulfilled and, if you have an account, the account closed.

Clearing any outstanding balances and closing your account can be done at any time; we do not require your request to be forgotten first; however, it may take longer to forget you if we are waiting for any payments to be received or your account to be closed.