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Why should I register my email address

When you register with Next please enter your email address and password details to set up an account, which will then allow you to shop online. You will need your email address to sign into your account.

Once you have registered your email address we can confirm by email your online orders, payments, plus regular updates on the latest offers, promotions, products previews and send you advance notice of our sale.

You can change your email address with Next by selecting 'My Account' and following the on screen instructions

Can I opt out of Marketing and Promotional emails

If you wish to opt out of marketing and promotional emails, sign In through 'My Account' online using your email address and password, select contact details from the left side menu and untick any boxes that you do not want to receive information from (you will still receive all account related information).

If you are experiencing difficulty unsubscribing please contact our customer services team through chat, email or by phone on 101003376.

Please be aware you may need to dial 0 before our phone number.