Older Girls (3-16 yrs)


3 - 16 years - Single Sized

Amazing girls clothes to suit every occasion. Stylish bridesmaid dresses to fashionable schoolwear. We have all the clothes for girls you need to complete your child's wardrobe.

Girl's Single Sized Clothing Guide

3 - 16 years - Dual Sized

Style, quality and great value in cool on-trend fashion looks plus brilliant basics for older girls.

Girl's Dual Sized Clothing Guide


An important addition to any young girl's wardrobe this season - hats for girls that are appropriate for school days and playful outings can be shopped here. Don't miss out!


How to Measure Your Child for Next Bra's

Get those fundamental purchases out of the way early this year with the help of our Girl’s Bra Measurement Guide this season.

Girl's Bra Measurement Guide