Incomplete Item Numbers

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Incomplete Item Numbers


We are sorry you are having difficulty in ordering online.  Please check the following guide on our item numbers:


        The first six digits of an item number are always numeric e.g. 123456

        The six digits can be entered with or without a space or with a hyphen (-) after the first three numeric e.g. 123 456 or 123456 or 123-456

        Item numbers can be entered in quickshop, if the following message is returned ‘The item number given is invalid or incomplete’.  Please check points 1 and 2 above first.

Still having difficulty ordering an item

        Have you checked where you found the item number and checked the numerics are correct?

        If the item number was from a garment, is the item currently pictured online? To check this key the description into our product search field to locate the item as the item number may have changed.
        Check if the item is shown in our Next Directory publications, please note the main current publications are:

-         Autumn/ Winter Directory Fashion 44

-         Autumn/ Winter Home 44

-         Magazines

-         TV Advertisements

and it is within the current season e.g. spring/summer is from mid December to end of July and autumn/ winter is from mid July to end of December.

        If the item was viewed in our store, it may be that the item is only available through our retail stores.  To check this use chat, call 1888 385 6398 or email.